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Resourceful supports community-based organizations with a free suite of tools that are designed to support your mission, such as analytics and reporting, intake management, and referral capacity. 

If your organization offers free or reduced-cost services, we welcome you to join a free 1-hour training. Recorded versions are available to view below.

Register for monthly trainings here!

Trainings and Tools


101 Introduction

Learn how to connect your clients to local resources, claim your organization's programs, and update your program information


201 Exploring Free Tools

Learn how to give access to your staff, set up intake screeners or application, report on your program's usage, and respond to incoming referrals


Helper Navigator Training

Learn how to search, suggest and  refer to programs along with tracking and navigating within the People I'm Helping dashboard. 


To learn more about Resourceful and how we can partner to help our communities, sign up above for a free training.

Resourceful is powered by a partnership with Aunt Bertha.

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